About South Lane School District

District Service Center
455 Adams Ave.
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Phone: 541-942-3381

South Lane School District serves the majority of students in south Lane County. The school district is located in Cottage Grove, which is approximately 20 miles south of Eugene. Cottage Grove has a population of approximately 8500. There are eleven schools; four K - 5, two PreK - 8, one middle school, one 9-12 alternative high school, one 9-12 comprehensive high school, and two Charter Schools. Elementary schools range in population from 100 to 500 students. Cottage Grove High School serves grades 9-12 with a population of approximately 900 students. Currently Cottage Grove High School is in the 4A classification, competing in the Sky-Em League which includes Elmira, LaPine, Marist, Junction City, Sisters, and Pleasant Hill. Lincoln Middle School serves grades 6 - 8 and has a typical population of 600 -650 students.

The South Lane School District employs 150+ licensed staff, 150+ classified staff, 17 administrators (school and central office), five supervisors and seven District Service Center support staff. Approximately 50% of licensed staff have advanced degrees. The average for South Lane School District teachers teaching in South Lane is 11.3 years. There are more than 30 teachers who have taught in South Lane for 20 or more years. The average class size in South Lane School District ranges from 20-27 students to one licensed teacher. More than 200 hours of educational assistant time supports this ratio.

Students in South Lane School District consistently outperform their peers throughout the county and state on Oregon Statewide Assessment tests (click here for current reading assessment information). About 6% of the student population qualify as Talented and Gifted students. The graduation rate for the last five years has ranged from 90-95%. Likewise the drop out rate for the last five years has ranged from 1.2% to 8.9%. Approximately 2% of the student population is identified as English as a Second Language (ESL). Students receiving special education services comprise 17% of the total population. Approximately 55% of South Lane School District students qualify for the free and reduced lunch and breakfast programs. In terms of transportation, 73% of the students qualify for district transportation to and from school. Students in South Lane typically perform at or above the state average on the Oregon Statewide Assessment Tests. More detailed information can be found on the District Profile, District Report Card and District AYP Report.

District Goals:
South Lane School District's Board of Directors have established district goals which include:

  • SLSD will increase the % of students meeting and exceeding the state standards on the Oregon Statewide Assessments in reading and math. In writing, students will score at or above the state average in all six traits.
  • Access and actual contact time with technology will be increased for all SLSD students. A priority will be placed on incorporating technology into learning activities.
  • SLSD will increase avenues for communication between the School Board, district staff, parent and the community to determine educational priorities that will lead to increases in student performance.
  • SLSD will provide safe and healthy educational environments by decreasing, and eventually eliminating, violent behaviors and the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco in schools.

School Improvement Goals:
Each school in South Lane School District has a Plan for Improvement which details their plans for improving the education of each and every student. These plans are presented, reviewed and evaluated at least annually.

High Academic Standards
Expectations for learning are high for all South Lane School District students. Content and performance standards are established in English, Math, Science, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, The Arts and Foreign Language which include state and local assessments to determine competency.

Volunteer and Community Involvement
South Lane School District supports and encourages the use of parent and community volunteers throughout the district. Last year over 29,000 hours of volunteer time was donated to our schools.

Special Services Programs
South Lane School District provides services to all students in our district, including students with special needs. These services include Special Education for students with disabilities, Title I for students who are educationally disadvantaged, English as a Second Language services, and services to homeless and highly mobile students.