Zone Map

This document details each board zone and its corresponding boundaries.

Position 1 Latham-London

The northern boundary of Zone 1 includes Blue Sky Drive, Sweet Lane and Talamena Drive. The northern boundary on South Sixth Street is at the I-5 crossing. The northern boundary on Hillside Drive is Howard Loop. The southern boundary goes to the end of the school district boundaries.

Position 2 Silk Creek-Bennett Creek

The southern boundary includes all of Halderman and Gates Road. The northern boundary includes all of Bennett Creek to the west of where Bennett Creek intersects River Road. The eastern boundary crosses the Cottage Grove Lorane Highway and Gowdyville intersection and goes west of Fir Grove Cemetery.

Position 3 Delight Valley

The southern boundary includes Abbott Lane at Highway 99, up to but not including Tate Road. This zone includes all of Sear Road to the southern end where Sears Road connects to Row River Road.

Position 4 Blue Mountain-Mountain View

This zone includes land south of Dorena Lake dam down to the Row River Connector Road. It includes all of Mosby Creek Rd. and all roads coming off of Mosby Creek Road. Bryson-Sears, Dowens, Garoutte, Layng and Gillespie roads are all a part of zone 4.

Position 5 Culp Creek-Dorena

This zone begins east of the Dorena Lake dam and includes Row River and Shoreview Roads east through Culp Creek.

Position 6 City of Cottage Grove

This zone includes all land in the City of Cottage Grove. The northern boundary begins just south of Abbott Lane at Highway 99. The western boundary runs east of the Cottage Grove Lorane Highway intersection with Gowdyville Road. The southern boundary includes land east of Highway 99 to the intersection of 6th Street at I-5 and land north of Howard Loop off Hillside Drive. The eastern boundary includes the Row River Road intersection with Sears Road and the Row River Connector Road at Mosby Creek.

Position 7 At-Large

Applicants for this position do not have specific residential boundaries as long as they are residents in the South Lane School District boundaries.