Inclement Weather and Emergency Procedures

In the event South Lane School District is forced to close or delay opening any of its schools due to weather or other emergency, designated media sources will be contacted. 

For up-to-the-minute school closure/emergency information or to subscribe for automated updates please go to Flash Alerts Web page for South Lane School District.

You can also follow South Lane School District on Twitter @SouthLane_SD and on Instragram at SouthLaneSD 

School Closure Media Sources

The following radio stations offer regular school closure reports:

StationChannelService Area
KNND1400 AMCottage Grove
KUGN590 AMWestern Oregon
KPNW1120 AMWestern Oregon
89.7 FM
Western Oregon
KMGE94.5 FMWestern Oregon
Local television stations are informed, but are not always able to report school closure information up-to-the-minute. The most up-to-date information can always be found at

South Lane School District may use an automated dialer to call and email staff and students regarding school related emergencies.  It is important that your child's school has updated phone and email information for this to be a success. 

Emergency Release Information

  • If a two-hour delay is reported, there will be no morning kindergarten.
  • If an elementary school is closed early or evacuated due to an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact families by phone (please make sure your child's school has all available phone numbers to reach you in an emergency). Students will not be allowed to walk home without a responsible adult. Bussed students will not be dropped-off at an empty house, without prior permission.
  • Students will be kept at the safest location possible during any emergency situation and will be cared for by district staff until they are picked-up by their families. Please be prepared to show identification and follow on-site check-out procedures when picking up your child.
  • If a middle or high school is closed early or evacuated due to an emergency, regular dismissal procedures will be used. If the emergency prohibits regular procedures please listen to the radio stations above or click to get information on evacuation procedures.
  • If a school is closed early or evacuated for any reason, media sources will be notified and information will be posted at

Snow or inclement weather bus schedules

Drivers will attempt to run regular routes wherever safe. Bus drivers will have the option to modify their routes as needed with regard to safety and road conditions.

Snow Day Routes

School buses will travel main roads only. Bus drivers have the option to modify their routes more extensively with regard to safety and road conditions. Buses will not travel the following roads:

Bennett CreekOverholser Road
Blue Mountain School RoadPerkins Creek
Booth Kelly Camp Road Raisor Road
Bryson Sears
Rat Creek
Cedar Creek
Repsleger Road
Saginaw West
Gowdyville, above Adams RoadShoestring
Kenedy LaneShortridge
London, past Rouse Road Sweet Lane/Talemena Drive
LongviewTaylor Butte
Lorane Hwy, past Hazelton Turkey Run
Lower Brice Creek RoadVeatch Road
Martin CreekWard's Butte Road
Meyers RoadWick's Road
Molitor Ranch Road 

Students who live on the above roads will need to arrive at the junction of their road and the main road to meet their bus.