Bohemia Elementary School

721 South R Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
(541) 942-3313 Fax: (541) 767-5958
School Website

School PhotoGrades: K-5
Enrollment: 506
Principal: Jackie Lester
Office Manager: Tammy Bennett 

School Hours: 8:20 - 2:25
Morning Kindergarten:  8:20 - 11:00
Afternoon Kindergarten:  11:45 - 2:25
Early Release: Wednesdays 1:25

Bohemia Elementary, serving nearly 500 students, is the largest elementary in South Lane School District.  Bohemia School was built in 1976 on 52 acres of open green space situated on the western edge of Cottage Grove.  The centrally located facility, with large gymnasium, multi purpose room, and expansive library, serves as a gathering place for many community events.

Bohemia School has a positive, supportive atmosphere hosting the South Lane School District (SLSD) Family Resource Center, and serving as the English Language Learner Magnet Site for SLSD. Bohemia School accommodates the needs of a diverse population of students through a strong menu of technology enhanced academic programs, as well as P.E., music, and an assortment of after school extension activities.  Bohemia Elementary has consistently received a STRONG school rating from the Oregon Department of Education over the past 3 years.

Parent and inter-generational community involvement are high priorities at Bohemia School with a strong PTA and a variety of volunteer programs.  Parents are encouraged to participate in many contexts including governance and decision-making.  A school-wide positive behavior recognition program encourages the school community to celebrate positive choices made by our students.  Assemblies celebrating student progress and achievement take place each trimester with parents encouraged to participate.

Partnerships with community organizations and institutions of higher learning are important to the Bohemia School community.  Bohemia hosts student teachers, specialists, and administrative interns from surrounding universities.  Partnerships between a variety of educational organizations and Bohemia School serve as beneficial relationships for all participants.