Principal's Message

  • 2023-2024 School Year

    Dear Dorena Students, Guardians, and our Dorena Community,

    It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to your first or to another fabulous year at Dorena School. I hope that you had a wonderful summer and are feeling eager and excited to start the 2023-2024 school year! We feel very honored that you have chosen us or continue to choose us as your school. We have a very exciting year planned with rigorous reading, math, and writing instruction, filled with high expectations for all, kindness and belonging for all, and, of course, lots of fun! 

    We have learned a lot and created amazing partnerships with our families to ensure that our students get the education that they deserve. We strive for all of our families to feel welcome and heard as we plan together for our student’s success. Part of this success is having open communication between the home and school. Some opportunities for families to be a vital member of their student’s educational team is to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher (email, class Dojo, REMIND, or phone calls). Also, be sure to ask questions when you have them or voice concerns as they come up. Families can show their support by attending and supporting school functions, volunteering in our building or joining our Parent Club. If you want more hands-on involvement, be sure to ask about requirements to volunteer at our school.  

    As it is our goal to ensure that all families feel welcome and heard, as is our goal for our students and staff. Our passionate staff here at Dorena School work together to help students feel safe, cared for, and to know that they all belong. We focus on building strong school and classroom communities where we are all kind to one another and accepting of each other’s differences.  We focus on relationships based on care and trust to foster healthy social and emotional learning. We also focus on a belief that it is our main job, to always do what is best for kids. We want all of our students to achieve high levels in all areas, such as Math, Reading, Writing, but also Social and Emotional growth.  To do this, we will meet all students where they are at, give them the evidence-based instruction that they need, routinely monitor their progress, and celebrate their individual growth.

    The following statements represent what we are all about here at Dorena School.  

    Dorena's Mission Statement

                Dorena School is a community of learners and leaders where everyone will belong and thrive. 

    Dorena's Vision Statement

    Dorena School is a place where everyone will be respected and valued. We believe in building a strong foundation that honors all generations of the Dorena School community. Together we will learn and grow to positively impact the world. 

    Thank you for your continued partnership and support. We welcome you all to the new school year. Together we can make it a great one! 

    Devin Pixton,

    Dorena School Principal