• The Kennedy Community Garden

    The Kennedy Community Garden involves students in the process of planting seeds, caring for seedlings, preparing the soil for transplant, weeding, weeding, and more weeding.  Staff teach students how to harvest and preserve foods, plant cover crops, and prepare the gardens for winter.  Students work in our kitchen with Lane County Extension 4H staff and Kennedy teachers to can and freeze foods, which will then be used for school meals throughout the winter.  Work opportunities exist for those students who are interested in spending the summer in our gardens.  We have a strong network of volunteers, which includes students and parents as well as community members, who supplement our paid staff.
    Our Community
    Serving our community is a key part of Kennedy’s mission, one in which the students and staff invest significant energy and resources. Our community outreach and public service activities range from giving garden tours and helping set up garden infrastructure for elementary school groups to helping organize statewide meetings on sustainable agriculture (look forward to our spring sustainability symposium 2009). Also, you can soon look forward to seeing the production of a school-based newsletter, which focuses on sustainable agriculture issues, organic gardening and farming, and our ongoing research and collaborative efforts.
    All of the food produced from our campus garden goes to support families in need in our community.

    Our Curriculum
    Kennedy has taken a lead role in developing curriculum resources for those teaching about sustainable agriculture in the Willamette Valley, and helped organize the first sustainability symposium for secondary sustainable agriculture education.

    In addition, Kennedy staff, with the assistance of Healing Harvest, have produced resources for those teaching organic farming, gardening, and marketing skills in the secondary setting.  As part of our curriculum, students are allowed to pursue a variety of topics, including:

    • agro-ecology
    • sustainable agriculture
    • agricultural policy
    • landscape ecology
    • food security
    • rural studies
    • watershed conservation