• Kennedy’s Forest and Field Initiative

    Our innovative Forest and Field Initiative takes our teaching practices into an exciting realm.  We are working with local landowners to manage their forested and open lands for future generations.  Our students immerse themselves in all aspects of land stewardship: from walking the land with owners to figuring the trigonometry of easement boundaries; rebuilding animal habitat for local fauna while inventorying forest species; working with local conservation agencies to draft management plans and helping land owners to implement them.


    The Forest and Field Initiative provides opportunities to:

    • Teach and model sustainable practices for maintenance of forested and open lands
    • Explore impacts of sprawl on natural landscapes and people
    • Partner with state and local agencies to study and employ up-to-date conservation practices
    • Engage students in the workings of regional and national conservation organizations
    • Acquaint young people with their regional, natural and cultural heritage
    • Manage the school and districts land, including fields, wetlands, and forests
    • Understand the complexities surrounding conservation easements, land covenants, and trusts
    • Invite community members into an on-going dialogue around the management of local lands