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Chamber of Commerce/SLSD Employee of the Year Recommendation Form

South Lane School District and the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce want to recognize teachers and classified employees for their outstanding work that benefits our students.  A teacher and classified employee of the year will be chosen in December, and will be recognized at the annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner on January 21st 2017.  

There are three easy ways to submit your reccomendation:

1. Fill out form below

2. Fill out Word Document Form and upload it below

3. Fill out Word Document Form and email to Brian McCasline

Please complete this form for a teacher or classified employee by December 1st, 2017.  

If you have any questions about the recommendation process, please contact Brian McCasline at 541-942-3381 ext. 133.  All nominees will be notified of their nomination, and will be given pages 2-3 of their nomination form.

If you filled out the Word Document Form please upload it here and click the submit button below.

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Please include the names and contact information of 3 others who would be good references for the nominee.  These could be colleagues, community members, supervisors, etc. who would be knowledgeable about his/her work.

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Information about the Nominee

Please provide the following information about your nominee.  Please include examples, or stories that will help us know why he or she was nominated for this recognition.