Superintendent Weekly Update 6-4-20

Children Come First

South Lane School District

Weekly Update

June 4, 2020

To our Graduating Seniors,

We in the South Lane School District are holding you in our hearts and minds as you prepare for your graduation ceremony! You are the first class to graduate in a way much different from previous generations. Already you are charting new territory, bringing all of us fully into the 21st Century! Your success during this challenging time brings hope to all in our community. You have prevailed through challenging times with courage, strength and resiliency. As you take this important step forward, take time to reflect upon the close friendships you have developed, the important moments you have shared with our classmates over the past 13 years and honor and thank your teachers and mentors and parents for their love and support. We all hope for you that you step forward in confidence to pursue new learning and find the careers and life paths for which you were created! We keep you in our hearts and trust you to make the decisions that lead to a wonderful life. Saturday you will step out of your car and onto the path you create! The world needs you to forge a path forward leading the generations of graduates who follow behind you. Be the students, workers, leaders and parents this world needs, re-creating a society where each person takes responsibility for everyone’s destiny! 

To the Parents and Families,  

Thank you for sending your student to the South Lane School District and partnering with us to nurture, educate and prepare your student(s) for a successful life. Parenting and supporting this generation of children has become more and more difficult due to development in technology, globalization and the speed of change. These forces have required you to be creative, resilient, strong and wise. When you look at your successful young adult(s), I know that you, like us, are proud and hopeful for the future because of what we see in your student(s).  

To the Community of South Lane School District,

Thank you for all the ways you have supported the education of our graduates. Thank you for the help and support you have provided their families. This is a community that truly cares about the future of our children. Especially during this difficult time, you have contributed to the well-being of our children and their families with your time, talent and resources. You know that it truly does take a village to raise healthy, strong and wise adults. Remember that these graduates will continue to need our support as they prepare to take our places in families, jobs and leadership.

Seniors, we wish you the best as you move forward into the world pursuing your dreams. Go Lions! Go Bears! 

We invite all of our community members to show our hard working seniors your support by displaying all things South Lane. Join us in watching our seniors graduate from the comfort of your own home. Please check our website Saturday morning for the links to our graduation ceremonies for Kennedy High School and Cottage Grove High School.

Finally, I will be with you in spirit and online from my home where I can be present with my two sons for their virtual graduation ceremony.

Best Wishes and enjoy your day,

Dr. Yvonne Curtis