South Lane School District

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Air Quality and School Activities

Air Quality and School Activities 

Wildfire smoke is affecting air quality in the Lane County area. In South Lane School District we take our students' health and safety very seriously. We are closely monitoring air quality conditions to guide our decision making around outdoor student activities. 

When air quality conditions are unhealthy, schools will hold indoor recess and reduce students' level of physical activity in PE and in classrooms. Sports practices will be moved inside or canceled and games will be rescheduled when conditions warrant. 

We are working to keep as much smoke as possible out of our school buildings, and will be keeping windows and doors closed to support these efforts. We encourage all families to send your students to school in lightweight attire, with plenty of water.

Oregon Health Authority advises that parents of sensitive children (e.g. asthma, respiratory infection, lung or heart disease) should follow their health care providers' advice about prevention and treatment of symptoms, and watch the smoke forecast to decide when to limit their child's activities. Parents' individual decisions about school attendance based on health concerns will be honored.