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Kennedy celebrates the holidays at annual school meal

On Thursday, Kennedy High School celebrated its annual Kennedy Holiday Meal with staff and students. The meal was prepared entirely by students and staff using a mainly items grown right from the Kennedy school gardens.


Teacher Brandi Baker-Rudicel who works with the students to prepare the meals and organize the event said that the students worked hard to put on this event.


“The kids did amazing! They learned a lot of skills. I’ve been working here for quite a few years and this was the best one yet,” said Baker-Rudicel.


Kennedy Principal Halie Ketcher says that this event is a great way for everyone to come together.


“I think it’s our way to have family community, as cheesy as that sounds, with the kids, because I think that they contribute to the food which gives them ownership in it and it’s something they are proud of and we can all share together,” said Ketcher.


Every class at Kennedy prepared something for the event, which included, turkey, mashed potatoes and everything else that goes along with a holiday meal. Students also prepared a dessert table that featured ten different pies.


11thgrader Alyssa Utt said it was nice to cook something for her classmates.


“It’s nice, people may not have a holiday meal so they can have one with us,” said Utt.


Jordan Germen an 11thgrader at Kennedy, who helped prepare crusts for pies, make gingerbread and decorate, was excited to help make the food and spend time with her classmates.


“It makes me feel good, like I’m doing something good for other people. It’s joyful, but everyone else seems like their having a good time to,” said Germen.


Kennedy’s kitchen was not complete last year so this was the first time they were able to hold this annual event at their new campus.