South Lane School District

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Latham School Closure Board Vote and Next Steps

Last Monday night the South Lane School Board brought the Latham School closure to a formal vote. After a thorough discussion and review of all of the information presented, the board voted to close Latham School at the end of this school year.


Now that a decision has been made South Lane School District will now focus on developing a plan for transition and honoring Latham and its rich history.


In the coming months the district will work with the Latham community to plan events to celebrate the school, and all of the students, staff, parents who have supported and attended the school through the generations.


The school board has also asked district leadership to work with staff and parents to develop a plan for transition. A draft of this plan will be presented to the School Board at the February 3rdSchool Board meeting. In the next few weeks, district leadership will meet with Latham staff and parents to gather information regarding their questions and concerns that will help develop the transition plan.


The school board acknowledged that this decision was not easy and it is their hope that the Latham School will be celebrated, and that the transition for students and staff will be as smooth as possible.