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School Boundaries

In January, the SLSD School Board made the decision to close Latham Elementary School at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year.  New boundaries have now been set for Bohemia Elementary, Harrison Elementary, London School, and Dorena School starting in the 2019-2020 school year. 

School Boundary Bohemia Elementary School (K-5)

The Bohemia Elementary School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:

  • South of Main Street and west of the railroad tracks includes:o Sweet Lane

    o Daybreak Drive
    o Blue Sky Drive
    o River Road S
    o Silk Creek-Gowdyville areas

  • East of the railroad tracks and north of Main Street extending due east to Row River then north to I-5

    o Includes Gateway Blvd north of Main Streeto E. Whiteaker Ave
    o The entire Gateway interchange area
    o Wal-Mart area

    o Thornton Lane/Hospital/Middlefield area

  • West of I-5 to the northern boundary of SLSD south of E. Tate Rd

    o Includes Saginaw/Delight Valley areao Lynx Hollow Rd
    o Davisson Rd south of E. Tate Rd
    o England Rd

    o Bennett Creek Rd


School Boundary Harrison Elementary School (K-5)

The Harrison Elementary School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:

  • South of Sweet Lane and west of Hwy 99, not including Sweet Lane, but including:o Talemena Drive

    o Tioga

    o Watagua

  • South along Hwy 99 to include

    o Rachel Rd
    o Dugan Ln
    o Kenady Ln
    o Martin Creek Rdo Wards Butte Rdo Latham Rd

    o Mc Dole Rd.

  • South along S. 6th/London Rd to Hootens Corner to include: (Hootens Corner not

    o Green Acres Loopo Ridge Drive
    o Harris Drive
    o Hillside Drive
    o Taylor Butte area

  • South along Mosby Creek Rd to Garoutte Rd (not including Garoutte Rd) to include:o Layng Rd

    o Walden Ln

    o Center Street

  • East along Row River Rd to just west of Dowens Rd to include:

    o Sears Rd
    o Cedar Park Rdo Bryson Sears Rd

  • East of the railroad tracks and south of Main Street, east on Main Street extending to Row River (river, not road) to the intersection with I-5 to include:

    o Gateway Blvd south of Main Streeto Taylor Avenue
    o Bohemia Park area

  • East of I-5 to the north SLSD boundary south of E. Tate Rd. to include:o Sears Rd to the SLSD northern boundary
    o Moliter Hill Road
    o Moliter Ranch Road


School Boundary Dorena Elementary School (K-8)
The Dorena School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:

  • Row River Rd just west of Dowens Rd
    o Includes both sides of Dorena Lakeo Shoreview Drive
    o Row River Rd

    o Garoutte Rd
    o Dorena
    o Culp Creek areao Disston

  • Mosby Ck Rd south of Garoutte Rd

    o Blue Mountain School Rd