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Copyright Information

Yes, there are many things allowed during a pandemic.  However, copyright laws do still exist, and it's best to give credit where credit is due.  Check out some of these resources to help you navigate your way through material usage.
  • Great Blog post from Kyle Courtney (Copyright Advisor for Harvard University)  about Fair Use and Exigent Circumstances
    • Kyle Courtney's Blog has many other great articles that cover copyright, including the use of textbook material online, etc.
  • So, can I read aloud online?  In short, YES. 
  • Also, this article from School Library Journal has some more info, as well as a LOT of great links to resources and authors who have some good things to offer right now.
  • Some authors and publishers are giving blanket permissions.  Here is a curated list from a Youth/Family Services librarian in Virginia.
  • My suggestions for readalouds online (such as on YouTube or InstagramTV):
    • Keep it as private as possible (I select "Unlisted" on YouTube) 
    • Plan to delete your posts after June 30th (many publishers are giving widespread readaloud permissions up to this date)
    • E-mail the author to ask.  This can be so rewarding, because they often write back!! (S.E. Hinton told me to "stay gold"!!!)  It's courteous, and acknowledges that the work belongs to the author.