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The South Lane School Board will advocate for, direct, and support a culture of achievement, preparing every student for the world beyond South Lane School District.  The Board and District's foundational beliefe continues to be...



The primary focus of the Board and District is to ensure that ALL students learn to the highest levels possible. The Board will direct a plan to ensure that instruction is aligned to the common core and that all students are prepared for state and national assessments.  The plan will include the appropriate interventions and supports at all levels including students needing enrichments.


The Board will support the development of a District Technology Committee charged with developing a new technology plan K-12 on instructional technology integration and emphasizing the latest in technology including the use of social media.

P-20 Vision:

The Board will direct the development of a P-20 vision including identifying the partnerships and resources throughout the community that support students and families along the continuum. The continuum shall be interpreted as Prenatal to age 20, and the Board shall encourage development of resources and partnerships that support the stability of the entire family as preparatory to children's transition into the school system. Within the school system, appropriate attention shall be given to the alignment of coursework and continuing relationships with partners to ensure each child's transition through the schools and into next steps beyond high school. 


The Board will be direct and support the development of a district communications plan focused both on sharing information with stakeholders and being visible in the schools and the community. A key activity will be to develop a system for communicating with former alum and keeping them connected to South Lane School District. The Board will seek and initiate opportunities to engage the community in meaningful ways with the overall education system.

Facilities & Safety:

The Board will continue reviewing and updating the district's facility and property plan. In addition to the facilities plan, the district's safety and emergency plan will be reviewed and updated with recommendations for safety and security upgrades to be considered with the budget process. An emplasis for this year will be on reviewing the progress of the $2 million energy efficiency projects and beginning conversations about the possible replacement of Harrison School.