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Financial Donations

Financial Donations

Students in South Lane School District need your support, now more than ever! With continued difficult economic times, more than 65% of our students are living at or below the poverty level. Funding from the State has dwindled, and District resources are stretched thin. In spite of these economic challenges, we are steadfastly committed to providing students with a quality education and preparation for the 21st Century.

In response to South Lane School District supporters, we are providing the following information and donation link for supporting students, staff, and activities in our district. All contributions – large or small – will go a long way in supporting academic and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.

Online Giving

  1. You can make a tax-deductable donation now via Credit or Debit card or PayPal account.
  2. You may designate your gift for any school or program in the box that says 'Designate your gift to support...'. This appears on the page after your credit card information.

Thank you for your generosity in support of students!

One-Time Donations

Note: PayPal is used to accept online donations. No PayPal account is required to make a one-time donation.

Donation and Sponsorship Levels

We are often asked about ideas, activities, and programs that would benefit from donations and sponsorship. The following list includes several examples and funding support levels. Again, all contributions – large or small – will go a long way in supporting academic and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.
  • Sponsor a music instrument rental for one year
  • Sponsor a middle school athlete for one season
  • Purchase 5 award winning library books
  • Support an art project in an elementary classroom
  • Purchase two guitar cases for middle school guitar
  • Purchase one student math textbook
  • Support one student at Outdoor School
  • Sponsor a high school athlete for one season
  • Sponsor one school wide assembly
  • Support a high school club (chess, robotics, hiking, etc.)
  • Purchase a middle school team uniform
  • Purchase a musical instrument
  • Purchase one student laptop
  • Sponsor a field trip for one grade level
  • Sponsor a music concert
  • Sponsor a drama production
  • Sponsor a middle school athletic team
  • Support team travel for one season
  • Support elementary Talented and Gifted programs for one year
  • Sponsor a high school athletic team
  • Support elementary art instruction for one year
  • Support elementary music instruction for one year
  • Purchase new baseball field back stop and fencing
  • Build two dugouts at new baseball field
  • Support turf replacement at CGHS
  • There are numerous needs – large and small – all donations are appreciated, and you may designate your donation to support any of our programs.