Budget Commitee

Budget Committee

The district budget committee is comprised of the seven elected members of the Board and seven appointed members in each of seven positions. Terms of the appointed budget committee members are three years with staggered terms so that as near as practicable, one-third of the terms of the appointive members end each year. The appointed budget committee member must: 1) live and be registered to vote in the district; and 2) not be an officer, agent or employee of the district.

It is the function of the budget committee to approve budget estimates which are then forwarded to the school board for final adoption. Typically budget committee members attend 2-3 budget committee meetings annually.

The Board identifies vacant budget committee positions which must be filled by appointment of the Board. The Board may appoint budget committee members to as many consecutive terms as deemed appropriate.

Budget Committee Members
Kevin Kerns
Position 1
Term expires 2022
Darby Valley
Position 2
Term expires 2023
Position 3
Term expires 
Mike Fleck
Position 4
Term expires 2023
Nevin Beckes
Position 5
Term expires 2021
Jennifer Baker
Position 6
Term expires 2021
Jennifer Violette
Position 7
Term expires 2023