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Signing up for Flash Alert

Signing up for Flash Alert
Step 1: Go to Flash Alert's sign up page.
Step 2: Enter your email
Flash Alert Sign Up #1
Step 3: Confirm your information and click create account
Flash Alert Sign up #2
Step 4: Check your email, click the verification link in the email
Flash Alert #3
Step 5: Log in to Flash Alert using your email and password
Flash Alert #6
Step 6: On the messenger subscription page, click the SEND TEST button
Flash Alert #7
Step 7: Check your email for the Flash Alert test message
Flash Alert #8
Downloading the Flash Alert phone app
Step 8: Click this link for a Apple iPhone or Android phone
Step 9: Download the Flash Alert App
Step 11: Open the app
Step 12: Enter your Flash Alert email and password
Step 13: Click "attach my account" button
Are you already signed up for Flash Alert? Please test your account to ensure it works correctly.
Please check and update your Flash Alert at the start of every school year.