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Superintendent » Superintendent October 2018 Message

Superintendent October 2018 Message

Superintendent’s Message – October 2018


School Board Adopts New Mission Statement:


The School Board revisited the District’s Mission in their recent work sessions. The current mission statements have been in place for at least 15 years. Several themes emerged from their discussions that reflect not only their thoughts, but also that of the districts’ staff.


The first theme “Children Come First” has been the heart of the district’s Mission for years, and guides every decision, activity and investment in our students’ learning.


The second theme “Always Learning, Teaching, and Caring” was adopted from the work of the Evaluation Committee and describes the exceptional learning and quality teaching in our schools, and the commitment of our staff, our students, and school community.


And, the third, “Safe, Respectful, and Inclusive Schools and Community” speaks to the school environment that ensures that every student feels safe, respected, and welcomed in our schools and our community. 


These statements will be the new mission of our district and they accurately reflect the commitment our staff and community have to our children.



School Board Reaffirms Support for All Students Regardless of Immigration Status:


At our September 17thBoard meeting, we discussed and reaffirmed the district’s Resolution 17-15 passed by the Board in April 2017.  The resolution committed the district to supporting an inclusive and supportive school environment for all students.  We hold deeply the belief that schools are the safest place for students to be and schools are for everyone. Our policies and actions are in compliance with state and federal laws that ensure that all children have a right to equal access to public education and all schools are required to serve students regardless of immigration status. For more information on the district’s resolution please visit our Immigration Q&A page.