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Welcome 2019-20 School Year!

New Staff

We’re off to a great start to the school year with new students (especially our Kindergarteners), teachers and classified staff, administrators, and new school board member. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our staff and retirees that have moved on this last year. Our staff turn-over was slightly higher than previous years, and consistent with other districts in the county.

Bond and Construction Update

We have made significant progress toward fulfilling our promises to the community.

 We completed our 1st year of instruction at the New Harrison ES and the Early Learning Center.

  • The Lincoln MS vestibule and seismic construction was completed on time.
  • We completed most deferred (and critical) maintenance projects at all buildings, as well as the summer construction at Bohemia (roof).
  • And finally, the pool construction was completed and the Grant Re-Opening of the Warren H. Daugherty Aquatics Center was held October 1


I want to especially share our appreciation for the work of our facilities/maintenance and technology departments, as well as many of our staff, for their work and contributions to completing the bond projects.

Our 1st priority with remaining bond funds is the Bohemia HVAC. We are moving forward with the disposition of the old Harrison site. The Request for Proposals – Real Estate Site Design Concepts and Development Proposal was posted on September 6, 2019 (see District Website for more details).

Our Challenge

Our challenge - for this year and into the future is - How do we continue to provide and improve the quality of the learning and instruction for all of our students?

 With this challenge in mind - the board has asked the district to develop priorities/goals for the 2019-20 school year. Working with administrators and staff, we identified six priorities/goals. Each priority/goal will have measures of progress or student outcomes. The outcomes will be shared with the board and community at the end of the school year.

Six Priorities/Goals

Goal 1: Implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

The district will implement PBIS at all K-5 schools, Lincoln MS, and Al Kennedy HS. The district will align PBIS with instructional, discipline and attendance practices.

Goal 2: Improve academic achievement and support quality Instruction

The district’s Continuous Improvement Plan (2019-20) focuses on improving academic achievement (K-8) and student success outcomes at the high school level. The district will provide district-level support for professional development in the content areas (math and science), supports for quality instruction (Studying Skillful Teaching), and implement the Middle School Science curriculum pilot.

Goal 3: Increase supports for ELL, Migrant and Indigenous students and families

The district plans to expand Family Resource Center (FRC) services for children, students and families through grant and other funding sources in addition to district’s funding. In addition, the district will continue the English Language Foundations Program – Preschool and Family Fridays - with the help of funding from private donors and United Way.

Goal 4: Continued Implementation of the High School and Freshman Success Plans, Review CTE Programs, and begin planning for the M98 CTE investments in 2020-21

In addition to aligning the High School Attendance Plan with other work, Cottage Grove High School administrators and staff are reviewing and prioritizing High School Success and Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways for investment in 2019-21 utilizing Student Success Act funds. CGHS administrators are continued the collaboration with Lane Community College to expand opportunities for CTE Pathways. One of the most popular pathways at CGHS is our Health Occupations Pathway. Currently, our conversations are aligned with the multi-agency effort to bring a Community Health Center to the Lane CC Cottage Grove Campus.

Goal 5: Promote Equity and Equitable Practices and Improve Student Outcomes for All

To improve outcomes for All students, the district is initiating efforts at the elementary and secondary schools, for all administrators, and the school board to address equity within our schools and community.  To ensure Safe, Respectful, and Inclusive Schools, the district will begin to provide professional development opportunities for staff, administrators, and board members on equitable practices.

Goal 6: Review and/or develop Student Safety and District Response Procedures

The Student Services Department staff will be developing a Comprehensive Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention Plan in collaboration with local, state, county agencies. The staff will also review and revise the District’s Threat-Assessment Model.

Investment in K-12 Education

For many years, Oregon has not adequately invested in education and the future of our students. We have done So Much, with So Little, for So Long. With the next biennium budget (2019-21) of nearly $9.0 billion for K-12 education, the funding for the next two years comes closer to adequately investing in our students, staff and community with the addition of Student Success Act funding. Earlier this year, the legislature passed into law the Student Success Act (HB 3427). This will add $1 billion for 20-21 to pK-12 education – including $200 million to Early Learning, $300 million to Statewide Education Initiatives, and $500 million to the Student Investment Account.  At the heart of the Student Success Act is the belief that ALL students have ability to learn, grow, and be successful. Equity is the driving vision of the legislation.

Gov. Brown stated, “Across Oregon, we continue to see a great difference in opportunities available to students, their learning, and achievement. In response, the Student Success Act makes significant new investments to improve education for every child, with a clear goal to help children who have long been underserved…and have historically experienced disparities in education.”

Our school district will be responsible for developing a Student Investment Account (SIA) Plan that includes a robust process for community-wide planning and engagement, and collaboration with the Early Learning Hubs and regional providers (Lane ESD). The district’s SIA Plan process will begin in October as we receive guidance from the Oregon Department of Education. 

The District’s SIA Plan includes five teams that have teachers, support/classified staff, students, administrators, Board and community members. We will start the process to identify and develop the teams in October, and we will encourage participation from all groups. The Student Investment Account funds to the South Lane School District will be approximately $2.3 million for 2020-21.

We are in another year of doing So Much, with So Little, for So Long, but we are confident that the district (with community support) will do So Much for Each and Every Student!