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This link gives you route information, trip assignment and field trip requests.  This is an internal resource for school district staff and not available via the Internet.
If you have questions or need help, please contact Transportation staff at (541) 942-2803.
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Revised School Boundaries
Bohemia Elementary School (K-5)
The Bohemia Elementary School Attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:
  • South of Main Street and west of the railroad tracks includes:
    • Sweet Lane
    • Daybreak Drive
    • Blue Sky Drive
    • River Road S
    • Silk Creek-Gowdyville areas
  • East of the railroad tracks and north of Main Street extending due east to Row River then north to I-5
    • Includes Gateway Blvd north of Main Street
    • E. Whiteaker Ave
    • The entire Gateway interchange area
    • WalMart area
    • Thornton Lane/Hospital/Middlefield area
  • West of I-5 to the northern boundary of SLSD south of E. Tate Rd
    • Includes Saginaw/Delight Valley area
    • Lynx Hollow Rd
    • Davisson Rd south of E. Tate Rd
    • England Rd
    • Bennett Creek Rd
Harrison Elementary School (K-5)
The Harrison Elementary School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:
  • South of Sweet Lane and west of Hwy 99, not including Sweet Lane, but including:
    • Talemena Drive
    • Tioga
    • Watagua
  • South along Hwy 99 to include
    • Rachel Rd
    • Dugan Ln
    • Kenady Ln
    • Martin Creek Rd
    • Wards Butte Rd
    • Latham Rd
    • McDole Rd
  • South along S. 6th/London Rd to Hootens Corner to include: (Hootens Corner not included)
    • Green Acres Loop
    • Ridge Drive
    • Harris Drive
    • Hillside Drive
    • Taylor Butte area
  • South along Mosby Creek Rd to Garoutte Rd (not incuding Garoutte Rd) to include:
    • Layng Rd
    • Walden Ln
    • Center St
  • East along Row River Rd to just west of Downs Rd to include:
    • Sears Rd
    • Cedar Park Rd
    • Bryson Sears Rd
  • East of the railroad tracks and south of Main St, east on Main St extending to Row River (river, not road) to the intersection with I-5 to include:
    • Gateway Blvd south of Main St.
    • Taylor Ave
    • Bohemia Park area
  • East of I-5 to the north SLSD boundary south of E. Tate Rd to include:
    • Sears Rd to the SLSD northern boundary
    • Moliter Hill Rd
    • Moliter Ranch Rd
Dorena School (K-8)
The Dorena School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:
  • Row River Rd just west of Dowens Rd
    • Includes both sides of Dorena Lake
    • Shoreview Drive
    • Row River Rd
    • Garoutte Rd
    • Dorena
    • Culp Creek Area
    • Disston
  • Mosby Creek Rd south of Garoutte Rd
    • Blue Mountain School Rd
London School (K-8)
The London School attendance area includes the area in Cottage Grove:
  • Along S 6th/London Rd including:
    • Hootons Corner
    • Both sides of Cottage Grove Lake
      • London Rd
      • Reservoir Rd
    • Cedar Creek Rd
    • Raisor Rd
    • Shoestring Rd
Revised School Boundaries Map
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