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Welcome Baby Box

Welcome Baby Box

The Welcome Baby Box is the South Lane community’s flagship strategy to support the 90by30 initiative to reduce child abuse and neglect by 90% by the year 2030.


The Smitten Safe Sleep System is designed to provide a safe sleeping environment for infants 0 to 6 months of age. It is a portable bassinet that is light and easy to carry from room to room to keep the infant close. Inside the Safe Sleep System box, families will find thoughtfully curated safety and care items for both baby and parents. Each box will also contain a resource guide detailing local and county resources for the family.


The 90by30 South Lane Regional Leadership Team performed extensive mapping of local resources to determine the gaps in service for families and children in our communities. The Welcome Baby box is a direct strategy outlined in the South Lane Child Abuse Prevention Plan that addresses support needed by our local families with new babies.


How YOU Can Help!

  • ●  You can contribute cash to support any portion of a

    Welcome Baby Box

  • ●  You can purchase items for the Welcome Baby Box

  • ●  You can craft baby caps to symbolize the “Period of Purple Crying” Program or sew the “Tummy Time Quilts”

  • ●  You can contribute volunteer hours in assembling the Welcome Baby Box

  • ●  You can participate on the local South Lane 90X30 Regional Leadership Team

    • ○  Contact: Rachel Nordquist, 90by30 Regional Coordinator @

    • ○  For additional information on 90by30 and donations to the 90by30 general fund visit or email

If you are expecting a baby and would like to receive a Welcome Baby Box, please contact Rachel Nordquist, for an invitation application.