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South Lane School District Sustainability Team

Purpose, Scope, and Sustainability Policy:

Sustainability is a guiding principle that supports the School/District’s mission to be a leader in student achievement, to provide best value for the dollars received and to support the community for generations to come. Sustainability is defined as “meeting the educational, environmental, social, and economic needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 


A Sustainability Management System (SMS) is an explicit set of arrangements and processes to manage sustainability issues, and ensure that a School/District’s sustainability goals and objectives are achieved. It addresses the environmental, social and economic impact of the School/District’s activities, both immediate and long-term. The SMS applies to all activities of the School/District. It provides order and consistency in the allocation of resources and assignment of responsibilities and involves all employees. It provides for ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures, and processes.


The School/District defines a sustainability policy to provide a guiding vision, and to ensure that its activities and services support its education mission and also become sustainable and eventually restorative. It expresses a long-term commitment to continual improvement and a strategic direction that fosters and inspires Oregon’s next generation of leaders. The sustainability policy is adopted by the School/District school board and supported by the School/District superintendent and staff.

School District Sustainability Policies:

EDDA Sustainability 

EDDA-AR Sustainability Management System

EBB Integrated Pest Management

EBB-AR Regulations Regarding the Application of Pesticides


Curriculum & Resources:


  • Elementary Grades (K-5) are using the curriculum “Eat, Think, Grow” (past 2 years).


  • Physical Ed program curriculum included “Catch”, Coordinated Approach to Child’s Health, to correspond with “Eat, Think, Grow”


  • Grant funding was provided for curriculum via Melissa Ferry from Extension Service and additional time was purchased by South Lane School District to help teachers become comfortable with the curriculum.


  • There is also a garden connection with the program. In the middle and high schools the curriculum is integrated into the science programs.
  • Each school in the district have the opportunity to participate in the Oregon Green Schools (OGS) program. Currently Kennedy High School is a part of the OGS program.
    • What is OGS?

      OGS is a network of approximately 200 schools throughout Oregon that are committed to reducing waste, using less energy, and conserving water. The program benefits your school through:

      • Leadership opportunities for students;
      • Helps teachers work together on common goals;
      • Has shown to be a way of improving behavior by imparting respect for the school’s operations;
      • Gets the school’s community involved in creating a healthier world for everyone;
      • Becoming certified makes your school eligible for a $500 grant from Lane County Waste Management division to purchase recycling bins, gloves, signs, posters, or whatever your school needs to “go green.”
  • Schools also have the opportunity to participate in the Our Future program. Currently Kennedy High School is participating in this program. 
    • What does Our Future entail?
      • A network of high school students participating in environmental and social justice clubs, supported by club advisors, non-profits, and other community leaders around the state of Oregon.
      • A notification/communication system to allow high school students and their adult allies to share information about events, projects and activities.
      • Leadership training, online and in-person, for participating students throughout the alliance.
      • Assistance with team development.
      • Educational opportunities, available to teachers, providing standards-based lessons on leadership, the environment and social justice. (Currently being developed.)



To volunteer to help at our garden and school grounds please fill out our Volunteer Sign-up Form


In addition to completing the volunteer sign-up form all volunteers must pass a background check before being permitted to work on school grounds. Please fill out the Volunteer Background Check Form and return to the District Office, located at 455 Adams Ave.  

School Grounds District Coordinator:
Matt Allen 541-942-1601,
Volunteer Opportunities:
Sign up to volunteer for garden and school events by clicking on a scheduled event on the calendar below.
The Sustainability Team has two, weekly, standing weeding parties scheduled. One on a weekday, and one on the weekend. Call or email Annie Odean, for time, day and place.
Annie Odean - 541-942-1067 -
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