South Lane Online: About the Program

South Lane Online

South Lane Online! utilizes Odysseyware, which is a computer program. Through this computer based program, students  will be able to take classes that fit their individualized needs. There are many classes that students can take, allowing  a great range to find what really interests each student. Odysseyware classes can be tailored to allow students to be both challenged and successful.

The idea of South Lane Online! is that students can work independently, but still have access to the support they need by giving them the ability to check in with a real teacher, who works in the South Lane School District. This in-person communication and connection as well as the live accountability, create a good balance of the classroom and online learning structure. The online teachers, will monitor each student’s progress, attendance and provide weekly check ins. The face-to-face interactions allow for greater level of support than can be provided in “traditional” online programs. Students will also have access to a computer lab time at South Lane School District Schools if working outside of the home is the best option for them.

South Lane Online! unique approach will allow us to tailor an education program that is specific to each learner. The Odysseyware curriculum is rigorous and meets or exceeds the state standards across all subject areas. Students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through state standardized tests.