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Important Information

Student Internet Permission

  • Students of South Lane School District have a lot of resources available to them.  Please find below some resources to use.

    If you feel that your student is not ready or is unable to abide by all rules, regulations, and guidelines covered by the General and Student Acceptable Use policies, you as their parent and/or guardian may opt-out of part or all of the access provided by South Lane School District to your student. Please fill out and turn in the Technology Opt-Out Form under Important Information on the right side of this page.

Students WITH Internet Permission

Students WITH Internet Permission

Students WITHOUT Internet Permission

  • If you are a student who has signed the Opt-Out form, you may still take advantage of this resource. 

    World Book is a leader in education publishing for over 100 years. World Book’s mission continues to focus on developing a collaborative digital learning platform that is backed by editorial excellence, invaluable resources and effective tools that support personalized teaching and learning—serving over 100 million students across 65+ countries.

    World Book