Steps For Enrolling A New Student at CGHS

  • Step 1. Contact your prior school for an unofficial copy of your transcript. You must have it with you when you meet with the counselor prior to enrolling. If your student is on an IEP or a 504, please bring a copy of that as well, if applicable.
    Step 2. To enroll your student online, click on the link Online Registration for NEW South Lane School District Students. When completed, the Registrar will receive an email notification of your student’s enrollment.
    If you are unable to do the Online Registration, you can click on the PDF link below titled “Student Data Form,” print it, fill it out, and submit it with the forms mentioned under step 4. This only needs to be filled out if you can’t register online.     
    Step 3. Call your student’s counselor for an appointment. Please note the school year you are enrolling.
          2023-2024 School Year
          Rex Basting, 9th and 10th Grade Counselor (541) 780-2135
          Vicki Evans, 11th and 12th Grade Counselor (541) 780-2134  
    Step 4. Click on the following PDF Forms listed below, print them, and fill them out: 
    -  Language Use Survey (Required)
    - Oregon Migrant Education Form (Required)
    - Authorization for Medication (If applicable)
    - Technology Opt-out Form (Only fill this out if you choose NOT to allow your student to have an email address or Google access)
    Step 5. Bring all the completed forms, your student’s transcript, and IEP or 504 (if applicable) to your meeting with the counselor. If you are meeting with the counselor via phone or google meet, the paper documents can be dropped off at the high school. The counselor will notify you of your student’s first day of enrollment.
    Step 6 . Once your student has been enrolled, he/she will be given access to Home Access Center (HAC). This is a great tool for parents/guardians and students to see classwork, grades and attendance. 
    PDF Form Links


    In an effort to cut costs, we are no longer sending duplicate mailings home. If you are a legal, non-custodial guardian and want to receive academic information, please use Home Access Center to acquire the information you need.  Your child can share their username and password with you in order to gain access.