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  • Education:

    With the help of my teachers, I was able to earn enough scholarships to pay for college in full. I would love to help you make college happen for you, too, even if it's in 4 years when you're a senior.
    • North Eugene High School, 2014
    • University of Oregon, 2018, Majors in Political Science & Romance Languages
    • University of Oregon, 2019, Master of Education

    Course Syllabus

    U.S. History: Course overview

    8th grade United States History:
    • The American Revolution
    • Civics: Government, Elections, The Three Branches
    • The Genocide of Native Americans
    • Westward Colonization
    • Oregon Trail
    • Civil War
    • Industrial Revolution
    • World Wars I and II
    • The Holocaust
    • Current Events

    Language Arts: Course overview

    8th grade writing:
    • Persuasive writing - TEA Format
    • Informal vs. formal language
    • Mastery-level thesis statements
    • Citing text evidence
    • Journal writing (up to 350 words)
    • Me Book
    • "Freak the Mighty" by Rodman Philbrick
    • "How I Became A Ghost" by Tim Tingle
    • "Soldier's Heart" by Gary Paulsen
    • "The Diary of Anne Frank" by Albert Hackett & Frances Goodrich

    Year-long Objective:

    8th grade is one of the most important years of school and life. My job is to prepare 8th graders for high school. Students will know they are prepared for High School English and Social Studies when they can ...
    • Write a five-paragraph TEA essay with a strong thesis statement that uses multiple pieces of text evidence and employs formal, academic language.
    • Describe the basic elements of United States government and give an overview of the major events in United States history from 1775 - 1945.
    • (Perhaps most importantly) .. Know how important, strong, and capable they are. Facts and skills are important, but knowing how much you mean to the world is so much more.

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    Google Classroom Codes:

    • Period 1 - US History - tba
    • Period 2 - Language Arts - tba
    • Period 3 - Language Arts - tba
    • Period 5 - College Readiness - tba
    • Period 6 - US History - tba



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Mr. Bellizzi

Welcome! My name is Alex Bellizzi and it is my 3rd year teaching at Lincoln. I teach 8th grade Language Arts, US History, and a new elective College Readiness.