Every Student Eats For Free in 2021-22!

  • Welcome to South Lane Food Service

    The Food Services Department looks forward to feeding each and every student a delicious and healthybreakfast and lunch every day. The USDA recently announced it would extend universal free lunch to all children throughout the United States until the end of the 2021-2022 school year. That means all students and children on campus in the South Lane School District may receive a breakfast, lunch or snack provided by the cafeteria, free of cost. We highly encourage students to enjoy both breakfast and lunch in our cafeteria where many of our items are cooked from scratch.


    P-EBT Benefits 

    For all P-EBT issues, please visit this website before contacting SLSD Food Services


    For replacement cards: 

    Call 1-855-328-6715 or

    Email:  OregonTrailCardDHS.Replacement@dhsoha.state.or.us


    Meal Benefit Applications

    Even though kids eat free, we encourage families to apply for free and reduced meals for additional benefits that may be offered based on eligibility, such as, but not guaranteed, future P-EBT benefits. The state of Oregon has adopted new income eligibility guidelines for applying for free/reduced meals, expanding the income bracket to allow more families to qualify. We highly encourage you to apply today! 

    Apply for Free & Reduced Meals HERE!




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