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SLSD is Moving to Semesters in the 2024-25 school year

South Lane School District will be changing the length of the grading periods for the 2024-2025 school year.  Currently, there are 3 grading periods that last approximately 12 weeks (trimesters). We are moving to grading periods that will last approximately 18 weeks (semesters).  


There are two primary reasons for the change. First, there are 3 high school course requirements from the state of Oregon that are based on semesters, and trying to meet that requirement with trimesters limits the amount of elective and career/technical courses students can take. The second reason to make the change is that transferring in and out of South Lane schools is easier and more convenient for students and families on semesters, as the majority of the state uses semesters.   


As we make this transition, there are two major issues that the district needs to consider (teacher inservice days/grading days placement and conference days placement).  There may also be other issues that are important to students and families that will need our attention--This is why we're seeking your input. The information you provide will be used by our transition committee and district leadership as we move towards implementation. Please take this survey to provide your valuable input.  The survey will close February 9, 2024.