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SL Connection Download 4-2-21

SL Connection Download 4-2-21 Featured Photo
After a week of rest and reflection, we are revitalized and ready to accelerate learning for all of our students. This is the time of the year when students typically grow the most. We believe it’s possible that our students will blossom even more as they enter the nurturing environments of our schools and classrooms after a year of CDL and isolation. We hope students’ return to school allows families the opportunity to restore family life to a healthy balance.

SL Connection Download 3-19-21

SL Connection Download 3-19-21 Featured Photo
This week marks one full year since Governor Brown closed all schools because of the coronavirus. We invite you to reflect and acknowledge all ways in which you and your children have grown during the most difficult year of our lives. We reflect on the closer partnership we have developed with families, while still remembering there are a few with whom we are longing to reconnect. We are grateful that vaccines have moved the metrics to a place where we can once again bring your children into their schools.

SL Connection Download 3-8-21

SL Connection Download 3-8-21 Featured Photo
We are extremely proud of MJ Raade. She has been selected from among Oregon’s top student leaders to be part of the 104 member national delegation United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP). This is a highly competitive merit-based student delegation that will engage in an intensive week-long study of the federal government and the people who lead it.